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Given its subject matter and the nature of some of the source material that will be discussed here, language and ideas will appear on this site that may give offense to some readers and, more than likely, attract readers looking for sites that traffic in racist and racialist material and dialogue. It is to the latter in particular that the following is directed:

“Domestic Issue” will of necessity examine and discuss racist, racialist and segregationist material on occasion, but it is emphatically not a racist or racialist site, nor does it in any way condone such attitudes. I welcome honest and frank expressions and discussions of the difficult and conflicting feelings that miscegenation provoke in readers–indeed, those too cannot help but also be subjects for this blog. However, comments that promote or declare hatred or disdain for any other ethnic or racial groups will be deleted; if this becomes a problem, I will begin holding comments for approval.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


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