Online resources


1492: An Ongoing Voyage. An online exhibit of the Library of Congress that surveys not only the events of the Encounter in this hemisphere but also the Encounter’s effects on Europe.

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record. A collection of over 1200 images, most of them from the antebellum era, depicting all aspects of the slave trade and slave life in all its forms.

Black Cultural Studies Web Site

Border Crossings. “[L]inks to sites relating to the various “borders” that demarcate the postmodern and postindustrial social imagination.”

The Caribbean. Voice of the Shuttle’s gathering of links to sites devoted to the region.

A Country Study: Brazil

Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet

Latin America & Mexico: General Resources

Latin American Network Information Center A moderated forum devoted to discussing race and racialism.

Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture. THE preeminent center for African and African-American studies. Extensive digital holdings in literature by 19th-century African Americans.

Sources and General Resources on Latin America. A collection of links to sites, archives, and other internet resources on Latin America from pre-Columbian times to the present.

Voice of the Shuttle. A database of websites devoted to subject areas in the humanities.

Voices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color. A collection of resources on minority women writers in the United States and Canada.


Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas at Austin: Online Exhibitions. Of particular interest for Domestic Issue are the conjunto music exhibit, the Relaciones Geográfica collection, and an exhibit of early maps.

Blanton Collection of Latin American Art, University of Texas at Austin. “[O]ne of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive collections of Latin American art in the country.” Its focus is on 20th-century art from the region.

“Casta Paintings: The Construction and Depiction of Race in Colonial Mexico”, by Christa Johanna Olson (NYU). A thorough discussion of casta paintings (depictions of mixed race couples and the resulting progeny), a popular genre of paintings during the colonial period.

Conquistadors: Cabeza de Vaca. An interactive site produced in association with a PBS series.

“Criollos: The Birth of a Dynamic New Indo – Afro – European People and Culture on Hispaniola,” by Lynne Guitar.

Cultural Readings: Colonization and Print in the Americas. Textual and visual renderings of the Americas from the Encounter to the wars for independence.

William Faulkner. Voice of the Shuttle’s gathering of links to various Faulkner resources online.

García Márquez: Links

A History of Mexican Americans in California. A site hosted by the National Park Service.

The Frederick and Jan Mayer Center, Denver Art Museum. From the website: “The Denver Art Museum holds the finest collection of Spanish Colonial painting and furniture in the U.S.”

“Surinam Slave Trade.” The keeper of BibliOdyssey selects images (some quite graphic) from John Gabriel Stedman’s narrative (1796) of his years in Surinam while putting down a slave revolt.

Vistas: Visual Culture in Spanish America: 1520-1820. A beautiful site, with a nice overview of mestizaje in Latin America from colonial times to the present.


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